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Attorneys who are dedicated to the responsible legal representation of clients in family and juvenile law cases.

Our firm is as diverse as our community, providing honest and steadfast support for families across Southern Arizona. Many firms espouse values and catchy mottos; we live by our family first, family law approach.
If you’re looking for a firm to stand alongside and fight for you, and remain a fierce and committed presence beyond the courtroom, please schedule a consultation or learn more by clicking below.
Randle Palmer & Bernays

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Committing ourselves to the families we serve means that we remain mindful of the complexities of family and juvenile law. When serving those during difficult times, the difference between success and failure is more than experience; it’s a dedication to each client as if they’re family, and supporting them throughout the process to ensure a brighter future.

Practice Areas
More than a tagline, we provide results in the following areas


Stepparent adoptions, international adoption and interstate adoptions, relative adoption, and co-parent adoptions.


Authorization for non-emergency health care; choice of school or religious upbringing, consent to obtain a driver's license, to adopt, to marry, or to enter the armed forces.


Although child support in Arizona is calculated based on an income-shares approach and the use of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, circumstances often exist that may make a guideline award of child support unreasonable or unfair


If you or a family member are facing an investigation by DCS/CPS, it is important to speak to an attorney with experience in juvenile law as quickly as possible, instead of waiting for the children to be removed.


Our goal is to help your family get to a better place than where you were when you first came to us and to make sure that any outcome represents the best interests of the children.


This litigation process often pits the Department of Child Safety, relatives, foster parents, and/or kinship placements against each other. In most cases, the party that prevails will adopt the child.


We are committed to ensuring that grandparents are able get the help they need to maintain contact with their grandchildren, and obtain placement or legal custody when necessary.


In Arizona there are two forms of guardianship, Title 14, or revocable guardianships, and Title 8, or permanent guardianships. We have a firm understanding of both types of guardianships established under Arizona law and when a particular type of guardianship would best suit our clients' needs.


These agreements address property issues such as income, assets, and liabilities that may arise in the event of divorce or death. The agreements may also provide for greater awards of property to children from previous marriages or to safeguard assets when one spouse brings substantially more resources to the marriage than the other spouse.


Because change is a reality of life, we represent our clients when it is necessary for them to return to court to modify prior family law orders or agreements.


Now that marriage is no longer limited to opposite-sex couples, many of the privileges, rights, and responsibilities associated with raising children in married households have been granted to same-sex couples.


Before an adoption can occur, the birth parents' parental rights must be terminated. Common reasons for termination of parental rights (i.e., a severance matter) are abandonment, abuse or neglect, substance abuse, mental illness, or long periods of incarceration.

Family First. Family Law.

More than just a motto.

We are Matthew Randle, Uri Palmer, and Kayla Bernays.
With the joining of two firms — previously known as the Law Office of Matthew Randle & Arizona Child & Family Law Office — @RPBTucson approaches family law with a family-first mentality and grace because, that’s all that matters in the end. Please follow along on social media, or send us your email to get in touch for a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Matthew Randle
  • Uri Palmer
  • Kayla-Bernays

M. Randle

After serving honorably in the United States Army, Matt returned home and completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona as a Pat Tillman Scholar before moving onto his law degree from The James E. Rogers College of Law. He and wife Holly have four boys, and proudly continue serving the veteran and Tucson communities outside of the practice.

U. Palmer

A Tucson Native, father of two, and graduate of the University of Arizona before obtaining a law degree from the George Mason University. Uri is also a member of the Arizona State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Pima County Bar Association, and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

K. Bernays

A Phoenician establishing her roots in Tucson, Kayla has received two degrees from the University of Arizona (anthropology, law) while meeting and marrying her wife and building their home together. A collection of eclectic experiences serve her well in approaching a variety of family, juvenile, and probate legal cases.

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