5 Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce is a challenging process that can put even the most cordial of partners under stress. The grueling nature of the process means it’s easy for partners to make mistakes that may hurt their case. You must proceed cautiously to avoid wasting time, energy, and money. Our Tucson divorce lawyer team will cover five common divorce mistakes […]

What Happens During the Division of Marital Assets in Arizona?

Going through a divorce is always stressful, but facing unexpected legal challenges can make the process even worse. Therefore, understanding how different aspects of the divorce will go in court can help dramatically reduce your stress. In this article, we’ll cover the division of marital assets in Arizona and explain how the process works. Although […]

How to Divorce Without Hurting Your Child: Four Best Tips

Call (520) 327-1409 to schedule a free consultation with a caring Tucson lawyer. Divorce is emotionally draining, but it’s even harder to cope with if you have a child that’s as stressed about the separation as you are. Even though Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC, your trusted divorce lawyer in Tucson, can guide you through your […]

Do You Pay Child Support With Joint Custody?

Many misconceptions exist surrounding how systems like joint custody and child support work. For example, many newly separated parents assume joint custody eliminates the need for child support or that the parent with majority custody will receive child support. The truth is that each case presents unique circumstances, and many factors go into deciding child […]

Four Reasons to Deny Child Visitation

Contact Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC at 520-327-1409 to discuss child support lawyer services in Tucson. More than 13 million U.S. parents live with at least one child in an official or unofficial custody arrangement. Judges settle on the custodial and noncustodial designation during divorce cases by looking at the child’s best interests.  However, the […]

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