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Benefits, Are They Community Property?

Benefits, Are They Community Property? Arizona Community Property. If you or your spouse are a retired service member that is divorced or divorcing, I have some news for you: in Arizona, the benefits that are received for military retirement can, and likely will be divided, in part, between you and your (soon-to-be) former spouse.  That […]

Complex Family Law Issues Within Military and Veteran Families

Complex Family Law Issues Within Military and Veteran Families Veteran Family Law Issues. We will discuss the various sociological, psychological, and legal matters that can face current and former service members and their families. A class that focuses on the myriad of issues that face current service members, veterans, and their families. Dissecting the psycho-social […]

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay Retirement and Disability Pay. Most people who served or are/were married to someone who served, have heard that you either draw Military Retirement Benefit or VA Disability Compensation. The basic principle behind this is that you cannot double-dip from both money pots. As such, especially in light of the fact […]

Howell Decision

Howell Decision Howell v. Howell. On Monday, May 17th, 2017, The United States Supreme Court ruled on the case Howell v. Howell, a case The Law Office of Matthew Randle has been following closely and wrote about earlier. The case was based on Mr. Howell and Mrs. Howell’s 1991 divorce. The couple was litigating their […]

Absent Parents

Absent Parents Absent Parents. Sadly, many single parents or other family members are raising children without the help of one or both biological parents. Often a non-biological parent is filling the role of an absentee biological parent but cannot legally make decisions or choices because they aren’t the biological parent. Despite the prolonged absence, complete lack […]

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