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Can a lawyer help lower child support?

Paying child support is the result of a custody battle. When it comes to custody battles, we all know how messy things can get.

When going through a divorce or custody battle, practical evidence trumps everything. Without adequate proof, no judge is going to see you as favorable in court.

So, having all of your records in order is essential.

Judges consider several factors when deciding on a final child support payment. Some of the main factors include income, living conditions, mental wellness, and debt.

If you’ve received a settlement in your child custody case and feel you’re paying too much child support. You may be able to get an adjustment.

When requesting a modification to your child support, you’re taking a gamble. There is no guarantee child support reduction will occur.

Therefore, preparation is vital.

Continue reading to learn more about how a lawyer can potentially lower your child support amount.

can a lawyer help lower child support

How lawyers help lower child support

Firstly, getting a judge to grant a favorable decision in a child support adjustment is not easy. The judge considers several factors before making their final decision.

Here are some of the most common reasons why judges grant child support adjustments:

  • A parent has experienced incarceration
  • One parent has experienced a significant change in their income
  • Parent(s) has children from other relationships
  • The amount of time a child spends with each parent will vary

Your child support is eligible for adjustment under all of the above circumstances. A favorable child support adjustment isn’t granted without meeting the above criteria.

Without a lawyer, trying to handle all of these different aspects and variables can get overwhelming. Therefore, it’s vital to hire a lawyer who can help you win your child support adjustment case.

Check out this article to learn more about if a lawyer can help you lower your child support payment.

Reducing your child support payment as much as possible

The variables mentioned above determine how much your child support becomes reduced. But, to increase your odds of getting a reduced child support payment, you need a good lawyer.

Randle Palmer and Bernays are one of the best law firms for child support hearings.

Their team will work with you on every aspect of your case to ensure you have the best odds of reducing your child support.

They’ll be able to cover all of the crucial facts and details of your case.

Doing so allows them to present the most favorable solution to the judge.

People Also Ask

Q: Is it best to get a lawyer for child support?
A: yes, in most cases, a lawyer gives detailed information to the judge, so a proper support assessment occurs.

Q: Should I get a lawyer for child support modification?
A: yes, get a lawyer. To get a favorable adjustment request granted. Failing to hire a lawyer puts you at risk of possibly paying more child support.

Q: Can a judge reduce child support?
A: yes, but, historically, they’ve only done so in situations where debt exceeds the individual’s income substantially.

Understanding the answer to, can a lawyer help lower child support

Use all of the information and tips we’ve included in this article to get your child support lowered. As long as you hire a reputable attorney like Randle Palmer & Bernays, you should have no problem getting granted a reduced child support payment.

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