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How Does Divorce Impact My Bankruptcy Case?

By: Alex Coomer www.alexcoomerlaw.com November 24, 2020 ©Alex Coomer Law, PLLC, All Rights Reserved. It is a sad reality that financial stress is a major cause of marital problems.  Similarly, marital stress or living within an unhappy marriage can lead to bad financial decision-making and debt. Either way it goes down, bankruptcy and divorce law […]

What is the average cost of a divorce lawyer?

Divorce settlements are tricky and have to be undertaken with caution. Due to the sensitive and volatile nature of divorce hearings. It’s crucial to find a lawyer divorce lawyer like Randle Palmer and Bernays to assist you during the process. When looking for a reputable divorce lawyer to help you, there are several things to […]

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

TLDR: when going through a divorce proceeding. You should always tell your lawyers everything about your marriage. Doing so builds a strong case in your favor that increases your odds of winning. Some of the most important things you should tell your divorce lawyer include emotional and physical abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, and mental […]

What determines who has custody of a child

TLDR: factors such as living situations, finances, mental health, and emotional connections play a role in custody battles. The entire purpose of a custody battle is to ensure children live in a safe environment after divorce. You’ll have to prove your ability to care for all of your child’s needs if you plan on becoming […]

Divorce. What is best for the children?

Divorce. What is best for the children? Divorce. What is best for the children? Divorce is not only challenging for the two people involved in the relationship, but it can also take a significant toll on your children. While children often can pick up on the tension between their parents, studies indicate that a whopping […]

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