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Why You Need a Family Lawyer: 5 Benefits and Reasons

Invest in family law services in Tucson by Randle, Palmer, and Bernays PLLC by calling (520) 327-1409.  Many legal cases fall under the family law umbrella. If you are going through a divorce, loss of estate, or other legal issues, you need someone on your side that is knowledgeable about family law.  That is why […]

Do You Have to Let CPS in Your House? What You Need To Know

To consult with a Tucson child protective services lawyer, call us at 520-327-1409.  When the DCS or CPS comes to remove your child from your home, it can be a scary experience for you and your child. Many people are unsure of what to do when CPS arrives. But do you have to let CPS […]

International law divorce

The global nature of today’s world and reduced airfares make for the high number of international marriages that you see today. However, the long-distance takes its toll sooner or later, resulting in a divorce. Going through a divorce is never easy. In more than one way, it is messy, even more so if it is […]

Biological Parental Rights After Adoption

Adoption is a permanent, life-long commitment. You must give it careful thought before making any final decision. Around 135,000 children were adopted every year in the United States. Of those 15% were voluntarily relinquished babies. Once the adoption is finalized, the birth parents cannot do anything. They have relinquished their parental rights and responsibilities. The […]

Guide to the Rights of an Adopted Child

Rights of an Adopted Child Adoption changes the relationship once and for all, including the right to inherit. The parental rights of the biological parents are severed while a new relationship is formed. The adoption process substitutes the child’s birth family with the adoptive parents. Hence, biological and adopted children have equal rights in the […]

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