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What Is the Divorce Decree: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the most common questions we get regarding divorce proceedings is, “What is the divorce decree?” The divorce decree is similar to a divorce certificate in that it acts as proof of divorce; however, there are key differences between the two documents.

What Is the Divorce Decree?

The divorce decree is the final decision or judgment from the divorce court. Essentially, it is the final step that officially and legally ends your marriage.

A divorce decree contains several pieces of case information, including:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of property
  • And more

Any critical information used in your divorce case appears on the divorce decree.

If your divorce case involves a trial, the divorce decree will contain the specific terms of the judge’s decision. If your case does not go to trial, the decree will show the settlement terms.

When Do You Get Your Divorce Decree?

Once the judge approves and finalizes your divorce, the court will issue you and your former spouse a divorce decree. If you attend court in person for a hearing, you will receive it once the judge signs it. Otherwise, you will get your divorce decree in the mail, or the court will have you pick it up.

Can You Get a Copy of Your Divorce Decree?

You can get a certified copy of your decree after finalizing your divorce, whether it’s months or years later. You can request a copy of your divorce decree by going to the court clerk’s office or courthouse. In some cases, you can receive a copy from the county clerk’s office; however, this depends on your state of residence.

Who Can Get a Copy of the Divorce Decree?

The court will only allow certain parties involved in the case to receive a copy of the divorce decree. Generally, this includes the divorcing parties and their lawyers.

What Makes a Divorce Decree Different from a Divorce Certificate?

What is the divorce decree, and what is a divorce certificate? Both are official documents that act as proof of your divorce. However, the main difference is that a divorce decree consists of much more information than a divorce certificate.

A divorce certificate is a simple document that includes basic information such as the names of the former spouses, the divorce date, the divorce location, and that the two parties are officially divorced.

You will generally use a divorce certificate to change your name, receive a travel visa, get re-married, or show proof of your divorce without revealing the case details.

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