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divorce mistakes to avoid

5 Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce is a challenging process that can put even the most cordial of partners under stress. The grueling nature of the process means it’s easy for partners to make mistakes that may hurt their case.

You must proceed cautiously to avoid wasting time, energy, and money. Our Tucson divorce lawyer team will cover five common divorce mistakes to avoid in this article.

1. Rushing Through the Divorce Process

If you’re too eager to end the divorce process, you may end up with divorce judgments that do not come out in your favor. Before you choose to enter into any marital settlement agreements, you have to weigh your options carefully. You need to take time to arrive at a mutually beneficial settlement.

Remember, divorce hinges heavily on negotiation. You need to give yourself enough time to review the terms of any settlement with your divorce attorney. It’s impossible to change certain details once you agree to them.

2. Allowing Emotions to Influence Your Decisions

It’s normal for couples to get emotional during the divorce process. However, allowing your emotions to take over completely can lead to fighting for the wrong things.

It’s in your best interest to remain rational and in control throughout the divorce proceedings.

3. Trying to Exact Revenge Via the Court

People unhappy with a spouse for initiating a divorce often make the mistake of trying to get some sort of revenge during the divorce proceeding. They do this by prolonging the case, fighting for assets, and more.

However, this is a mistake that most people regret once the initial satisfaction has worn off. Trying to get revenge via the courts often leads to:

  • Avoidable increases in legal expenses
  • Increased stress on all affected parties (especially the children)
  • Feeling dissatisfaction with the outcome of the case

4. Hiding Marital Assets 

Lying to the court is one of the common divorce mistakes to avoid. Regardless of your feelings about your spouse, you should avoid all forms of dishonesty in court.

Disclose all marital assets and your financial situation. You should also be honest when filling out any affidavits and other such documents.

When you hide assets or lie, you may:

  • Lose your standing in the case
  • Void any previously-agreed settlements
  • Face fraud-related charges
  • Receive unfavorable judgments during property division

Be honest and allow the courts to handle the process, even if it doesn’t go the way you’d like.

5. Discussing Divorce Proceedings on Social Media 

It may feel good to rant about your divorce proceedings on your social media page. However, it’s in your interest to desist from any such actions. The words in your social media post may work against you on the next court date.

Don’t discuss proceedings with anyone other than your lawyer.

Learn More Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to entrust your case to a qualified attorney is a mistake you should avoid. Our experienced lawyers will help you navigate this strenuous and complicated process. You’ll learn other mistakes to avoid, make sense of what is in a divorce decree, and more. 

Call Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC at 520-327-1409 to speak with our Tucson, AZ, divorce lawyers today.

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