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Why You Need a Family Lawyer: 5 Benefits and Reasons

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Many legal cases fall under the family law umbrella. If you are going through a divorce, loss of estate, or other legal issues, you need someone on your side that is knowledgeable about family law. 

That is why you need a family lawyer to handle your legal affairs. 

Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC is a family law firm with several years of experience servicing clients in Tucson and its surrounding communities. We take a client-first approach to our work, enabling us to look at your case with an open mind. This outlook allows us to find a valuable solution for your marriage, divorce, custody, or real estate case. 

Perhaps the biggest reason why you need a family lawyer is to take advantage of our legal knowledge. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of family law, helping you build a concrete case. An attorney also knows what judges look for in family law cases, ensuring that you present well in front of them.  

Reason 2: Conserve Money 

Many people hesitate before hiring a lawyer, as they worry about how expensive it will be. However, when you hire a family attorney, you will save money in the long run. Often, people without legal representation pay too much for child support. Our lawyers will guide you every step of the way. 

Reason 3: Filing Documents 

When you go through the lawsuit process, there are many legal documents you or a family member must file. If you file any of these documents incorrectly, it could be the difference between winning and losing a case. 

Reason 4: Peace of Mind 

A family lawyer also provides you with peace of mind as you go through the settlement process. If you choose to represent yourself in your divorce, child custody, or adoption case, you do not have a realistic chance of winning. Let our attorneys handle the details of your case while you live your life. 

Reason 5: Handle Communication 

It can be challenging for people who do not understand the law to determine what they can and cannot say. A family attorney handles all communication for their clients. You may face threats from the opposing party during your family law case. Our attorneys will help determine whether these threats are valid. 

Hire Our Family Law Firm 

There are many reasons why you need a family lawyer in Tucson, AZ. Our talented attorneys are eager to talk more about your case. Note that we only accept cases we believe we can win – we do not believe in wasting our client’s time. 

Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC is happy to take your call and set up a consultation meeting. During our consultation, we will discuss your case in detail to determine if you have a chance of settling in your favor. Call our Tucson family law office at (520) 327-1409 to talk to a lawyer today! 

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What is the average cost of a divorce lawyer?

What is the average cost of a divorce lawyer.Divorce settlements are tricky and have to be undertaken with caution. Due to the sensitive and volatile nature of divorce hearings. It’s crucial to find a lawyer divorce lawyer like Randle Palmer and Associates to assist you during the process. When looking for a reputable divorce lawyer to help you, there are several things to consider.

First, you need to make sure the divorce lawyer you hire has verifiable experience. Many divorce lawyers claim to know what they’re doing. However, only a few of them actually do. To safeguard yourself from the fakes, you’ll need to do a little research.

Going online and comparing the reviews of divorce lawyers in your area is a great way to begin. Aside from making sure your selected divorce lawyer has relevant experience. You also need to inquire about their pricing.

Like with any legal battle, divorce cases can get very expensive. So, to learn more about the average cost of a divorce lawyer, continue reading.

What is the average cost of a divorce lawyer?

For starters, most reputable divorce lawyers charge a modest $250 per hour for their services. But, keep in mind this is just the average number according to statistical data. The exact amount of money your divorce lawyer costs will vary depending on several factors.

Some of the variables that impact the cost of your divorce lawyer include:

  • Length of your settlement
  • Settlement amount
  • Working hours involved

There are other factors that may impact the cost of your divorce lawyer. But, those are purely situational. So, if they affect you, you’ll know about it. Trusted divorce lawyers like Randle Palmer and Associates will discuss your case’s details before giving you a quote.

The location also impacts the cost of a divorce lawyer. Certain regions and zip codes just have higher legal costs than others. In total, you can expect to pay between $10,000-$15,000 for a completed divorce settlement. If you’re concerned about choosing the right divorce lawyer, read the next section.

Finding a divorce lawyer like Randle Palmer and Associates to help you

To make sure you’re hiring a reliable divorce lawyer like Randle Palmer and Associates, go online and compare reviews. Prior customers tend to leave accurate assessments of their previous experiences. So, you can use them to determine if the divorce lawyer you’re interested in is right for you or not.

You should also reach out to all of the divorce lawyers you’re interested in hiring. When you do, ask them about the prior experience and see how it may benefit your case. Once you do those two things, you should be able to make an educated decision about which divorce lawyer is right for you.

People Also Ask

Q: How much does it cost to retain a divorce attorney?
A: you can expect to pay about $1,000-$5,000+ for a divorce lawyer retainer fee. You’ll need to contact the exact divorce attorney you’re interested in hiring for a more accurate estimate.

Q: How can I afford a divorce lawyer?
A: if you can’t afford a divorce lawyer, don’t worry because several options are available. Use the following tips to get a divorce lawyer if you can’t afford one: free lawyer consultations, reach out to your city courthouse or try small claims court.

Q: How long does it take for someone to get divorced?
A: for cut and dry divorce settlements, most are resolved in 4-6 months. But, any complications in the case can extend this time drastically.

Understanding what is the average cost of a divorce lawyer

Now, you know the average cost of hiring someone like Randle Palmer and Associates to help handle your divorce case. Take your time and do research to find out about comparable divorce lawyers in your area.

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everythingTLDR: when going through a divorce proceeding. You should always tell your lawyers everything about your marriage. Doing so builds a strong case in your favor that increases your odds of winning. Some of the most important things you should tell your divorce lawyer include emotional and physical abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, and mental health problems.

Divorce proceedings can be tricky and complicated. When going through court proceedings, you always want to mesh things out with your divorce lawyer. While it may be uncomfortable, you have to tell your divorce lawyer everything. Keeping secrets from your lawyer while going through a divorce makes you susceptible.

The purpose of a divorce lawyer

The entire purpose of a divorce lawyer is to help you win as much as you can in your case. So, it makes your odds of winning high. You need to divulge all of the information possible about your marriage. When battling a divorce, it’s all about building a solid case.

There are many things you should inform your divorce lawyer about. To learn more, continue reading.

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

There are a few critical pieces of information that you need to make sure your divorce lawyer knows. Remember, everything you tell your divorce lawyer is confidential. But, there are some situations in which your divorce lawyer will expose personal information.

Here are some instances in which your divorce lawyer will expose intimate details about your case:

  • The client sues their attorney
  • When seeking legal advice from other attorneys
  • To prevent a client from getting more legal trouble by committing future crimes
  • To avoid severe bodily harm or death

These are all circumstances in which a divorce lawyer can legally discuss your case’s details with other people. Now, it’s time for you to learn about all the things a divorce lawyer needs to hear from you.

No holding back when speaking to your divorce lawyer

There is nothing you should hold back from your divorce attorney. To make your case as strong as possible, tell them all the following details:

  • Present or past sexually related infidelity
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Alcohol, drugs, or addiction that lead to financial mishaps
  • Behavioral changes mental problems that can endanger children

By releasing all of this information to your divorce lawyer, you’ll have high odds of winning your case. Don’t exclude any of the details surrounding these events. The more you leave out, the weaker your case will be.

Handling a divorce properly

Divorce cases are all about proving your side of the story. At no point in time should you try to make up lies about your marriage. You always want to be able to prove whatever story you present to the judge. A reputable divorce attorney will help you do just that. So, as long as you tell the full truth. You won’t have much to worry about.

People Also Ask

Q: What should I not tell my divorce attorney?
A: Unless you intentionally want to lose your case. There isn’t much you shouldn’t tell a divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys need to know everything about your case. This helps them create the most effective defense.

Q: Is it better to get a lawyer for a divorce?
A: yes, especially if you can’t come to an agreement on divorce terms with your spouse. A divorce lawyer will help you formulate an actionable plan to win your case.

Q: What not to do when going through a divorce?
A: When going through a divorce, there are several things you shouldn’t do.

Understanding the answer to, Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything

We’ve covered the most essential facts and information you need to know about handling a divorce. Use this article as a guiding manual to make your court hearing go favorably. Following our advice will lead to a decision in your favor. Contact Randle Palmer & Associates today for more information.

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney.

The process of hiring an attorney is intimidating and overwhelming for most. We often spend a large portion of a consultation talking about the reasons NOT to hire an attorney, much less us. One of our mentors gave us a piece of wisdom we still follow today, he said, “This might be the 900th client for you, but it is likely the 1st attorney for your client.”

We take very seriously the real-life impact these matters have on our client’s lives. While many lawyers will tell someone that they are not their therapist, we understand that nothing in family law comes without emotional baggage.

The reality is that most people don’t think very highly of lawyers, and in many cases that is for good reason. We have spent considerable time evaluating why people dislike lawyers, and what we can do to try and shift that for our clients.

Some of the basis for the bad feelings about lawyers has to do with WHY you need a lawyer, and that is not something we have much control over. The simple truth is that lawyers come into peoples’ lives when bad stuff is happening. Lawyers don’t plan people’s birthday parties, they help when things have gone sour. Bankruptcy, Wills, Car Accidents, Divorces, Contract Disputes, all reasons a lawyer would need to help you, and all negative situations at the core.

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

The most common issues when dealing with a divorce attorney

The things that we hear most often about bad experiences with lawyers center around two specific areas; First, poor customer service, Second, poor expectation management. At RPM Law we have taken a head-on approach to deal with these two areas so that our clients can feel better about the process, regardless of the outcome in court.

In order to address customer service, we have focused our team on regular communication with our clients. Far too often we hear horror stories about the lawyer that took the money and then couldn’t be reached for months on end. Not only is that a problem ethically for the lawyer, but frankly it is a sure-fire way to never earn a referral or business from people in the future. We have found that a little customer service goes a long way in maintaining the positive relationship we have with our clients. If you don’t believe us, go check our reviews on Facebook or Google, our clients will tell you how hard we work to ensure they are satisfied with our efforts.

Bad customer service with a divorce attorney

The idea of expectation management is something we take as seriously as customer service. All too often we hear from people that a lawyer assured them that the case was a slam dunk, or that they could get them ownership rights to the moon. It may sound ridiculous, but no more so than the idea that any attorney could predict or promise the end result in any case. The plain fact is that if your case goes to trial, the judge will decide the outcome, and no lawyer can or should tell you they know how that will come out. When someone asks us what the odds are for a favorable outcome, we flat refuse to answer. It is far better to be honest with someone upfront than to over-promise a result. We prefer to have integrity in all we do, and lose potential clients, than to sell someone beachfront property in Yuma so we can make a few quick bucks.

In the end, the military background that this team was built around guides us in everything we do. We believe in giving the facts to our clients, however unsavory or unpleasant they may be. We prefer to be respectful to people, even the other side, because we only have one reputation, and it isn’t for sale.

We regularly get referrals from people we were on the opposite side of in a case. It is one of the biggest compliments we receive when someone says, “You kicked my buddies butt all over the courtroom last year, but you did it respectfully, so when I asked him for guidance in my situation, he sent me to you instead of the person he hired”. That happens all the time, and we are grateful when it does because it reaffirms for us one of the guiding principles of this team – “Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do”

5 Questions to ask before hiring an attorney

So without further rant – Here are the 5 questions everyone should ask an attorney before hiring them to deal with your case.

1. What areas of law do you practice, and how much experience do you have in those areas?

The reality is that few lawyers “do it all” anymore and for good reason. When someone calls or comes into our offices with a question in tax law, they may as well be speaking Russian to us. We know little to nothing about that very complicated and intricate area of law, and hiring us to handle a matter in that area would not only be wasting your money but likely would leave you in a worse place than when we started. If a lawyer can’t or won’t give you a straight answer about this, it should be a GIANT red flag for you moving forward.

2. Do you know the lawyer on the other side of the case, and if so what do you think of them?

The legal community is small, and most of us have worked opposite each other on a case or two at a minimum. While we each have our own flavor and style, as a general rule being cordial and respectful to each other should be the standard, not the exception. Most legal issues are full of bad feelings, to begin with, adding two lawyers who want to stick it to each other because of some previous grudge is a recipe for disaster and big bills. We don’t always have great interactions with the other side of a case, and frankly don’t always have a great relationship with some of our colleagues, but as a general rule, we do our best to keep the case focused on our clients, and the interactions respectful.

3. Can I meet your staff?

One of the worst kept secrets of the legal profession is how much of the workload is carried by the support staff in an office. The truth is that you will be speaking with the staff at least as much as the lawyer, if not more. This isn’t a matter of you not being a priority, it is a matter of bandwidth and efficiency. There is one of me, 3 paralegals’ and a receptionist, if your question can be answered by one of them, it will. If a lawyer isn’t willing, or excited to introduce you to the staff, something is amiss. We are beyond proud of the team we have built here at RPM Law. Andrea, Sarai, Stephanie, and John are the backbone of this operation. Often the lawyers are in court for 6 to 7 hours a day, who do you think handles everything while we are out?

4. How do your fees work?

his is probably #1 for most people when they come in to meet us for the first time and we understand why. The complexity of various fee structures is something for a future blog, but this much is clear… If a lawyer can’t tell you what to expect, how to minimize costs, what could increase the costs, how the fee is structured, and what your options are for payment, then you should run for the hills. Even in the most complex matters, we can give you a reasonable estimate of costs, areas of potential savings, and areas that may increase the costs.

5. Do I like this person?

When speaking to potential clients I often compare lawyers to ice cream. The basic ingredients are pretty much the same, but the flavors are varied and diverse. We all went to law school, passed the bar exam, have the same rules to follow, and practice in the same courtrooms, but, our flavors or styles run the gamut. At RPM Law we have 3 attorneys on staff, each with their own style or flavor. Matt is more aggressive, the picture of a type-A personality. Andy is more measured and tactical, years of being an officer and helicopter pilot in the military trained him to carefully evaluate each angle before charging. Julia is more gentle, aware of the emotions and impacts involved, as someone who focuses much of her practice in the Juvenile Court, she is keenly aware of the impact these matters have on families and kids. For some people Matt is too loud, Andy too reserved, Julia too sensitive, there is no right or wrong, simple preference, and taste. Contested legal matters will take their toll on you, even if you win, if you hate the lawyer representing you it won’t matter the outcome, you will be bitter and disillusioned at the end. On the other side of things, many times you won’t get everything you hoped for, but if you felt well represented, heard, and respected by the person representing you, you will be much more at peace when the process is over.

Having trouble finding the right attorney, give Randle Palmer & Associates a call today!

At the end picking and hiring the person who will represent you and tell your story in court is an important and emotional process. This list is hardly the be-all-end-all, but it is a start. Going into a consultation should feel like you are interviewing the attorney, inspecting their practice, and ensuring that they are the right fit for you in your time of need.

We hope in this article about 5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney we have answered your questions.

If you or someone you know is facing a family law, juvenile law, misdemeanor criminal, or traffic law issue; reach out to us today for a FREE consultation.

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