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do you pay child support with joint custody

Do You Pay Child Support With Joint Custody?

Many misconceptions exist surrounding how systems like joint custody and child support work. For example, many newly separated parents assume joint custody eliminates the need for child support or that the parent with majority custody will receive child support. The truth is that each case presents unique circumstances, and many factors go into deciding child support parameters. 

While undergoing a separation or divorce, you may have questions like, “Do you pay child support with joint custody?” At Randle Palmer & Associates PLLC, we work to help parents navigate the challenges of establishing child support agreements. In this blog, we talk about what joint custody is and some of the factors that go into determining child support agreement parameters. 

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What Is Joint Custody? 

Joint custody involves a legal agreement wherein parents share responsibility for a child or children. This umbrella term may refer to multiple types of custody, including: 

●      Joint physical custody

●      Joint legal custody

●      Shared physical and legal custody

●      Primary and secondary custody

When parents have joint custody, the arrangement often allows the custodial parent to receive child support payments. The custodial parent acts as the primary caregiver and spends the most time caring for the child or children.

Since joint custody agreements have changing variables, child support agreements that accompany custody agreements may also vary. 

Factors Used to Determine Child Support Parameters

During establishing the child support and custody arrangement, legal officials use several considerations to determine the best arrangement for the child’s or children’s welfare. Which parent pays child support and how much depends on the time spent with each parent as well as individual parent income. 

Custody Parameters and Parenting Time

Parents and courts establish custody agreements separately from child support parameters. Once a custody agreement exists, legal officials use the established living situations and parenting times to help them determine the amount of child support appropriate for either parent to pay. 

When joint custody agreements involve unequal divisions of parenting time, the parent with the most active parenting time becomes the custodial parent. In these cases, the custodial parent often receives child support, depending on the non-custodial parent’s employment, finances, etc. 

Individual Parent Income

The individual income, living situation, and employment status of each parent play a significant role in custody arrangements and child support. Therefore, your designated legal officials will review these factors and determine what amounts of child support parents must pay in conjunction with state guidelines. 

Speak to Compassionate Child Support Lawyers in Tucson 

Navigating separation, coping with joint custody, and beginning child support present many challenges. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it alone. If you have an impending joint custody agreement, you may be wondering, “Do you pay child support with joint custody?” or “How much child support will either parent pay?” Call our RPB Tucson team for answers today at 520-327-1409

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